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Environment Checking - fedml env

fedml env

Do a sanity check of the TensorOpera library's current running environment information, including versions of the library, OS, CPU/GPU hardwares and network connectivity (HTTPS, S3, MQTT).


or -v
releaseThe backend environment of TensorOpera AI Cloud. It supports values: local, dev, test, release. This is normally used by TensorOpera team for internal development.

If the environment setup is correct, fedml env will print a message similar as follows:

======== FedML ( ========
FedML version: 0.8.8a153
FedML ENV version: release
Execution path:/Users/chaoyanghe/sourcecode/FedML-inc/FedML-all-in-one-dev/FedML/python/fedml/

======== Running Environment ========
OS: macOS-13.4-arm64-arm-64bit
Hardware: arm64
Python version: 3.9.15 | packaged by conda-forge | (main, Nov 22 2022, 08:48:25)
[Clang 14.0.6 ]
PyTorch version: 2.0.1
MPI4py is installed

======== CPU Configuration ========
The CPU usage is : 35%
Available CPU Memory: 24.8 G / 64.0G

======== GPU Configuration ========
No GPU devices

======== Network Connection Checking ========
The connection to is OK.

The connection to S3 Object Storage is OK.

The connection to (port:1883) is OK.