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CLI Overview

TensorOpera provides a set of CLIs to help you develop, launch, train, and deploy your model. To get the latest version of the CLI, run fedml -h or fedml --help:

Usage: fedml [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

-h, --help Show this message and exit.

login Login the TensorOpera AI Platform.
logout Logout from the TensorOpera AI Platform.
launch Launch job at the TensorOpera AI platform.
cluster Manage clusters on TensorOpera AI Platform.
run Manage runs on the TensorOpera AI Platform.
device Bind/unbind devices to the TensorOpera AI Platform.
model Deploy and infer models.
build Build packages for the TensorOpera AI Platform.
logs Display logs for ongoing runs.
train Manage training resources on TensorOpera AI Platform.
federate Manage federated learning resources on TensorOpera AI Platform.
env Get environment info such as versions, hardware, and networking.
network Check the TensorOpera AI backend network connectivity.
version Display TensorOpera library version.

Before you run any CLI command, it's better to do a sanity check of your environment setup by running fedml env. You will get versions of the library, OS, CPU/GPU hardwares and network connectivity.

All CLI commands and their usages are as follows: